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logo kaspev
KASPEV - Klaster socijalnog preduzetništva Vojvodine
CASPEV -The Custer of social entrepreneurship in Vojvodina

Financial consalting

finansijski konsalting

CASPEV supports its members by providing information on all matters related to finance in businesses, advice on accounting, advice on the preparation of financial statements, analysis of finance and financial consulting.

Legal consalting

Making the founding act of the Society

Assistance with registration at the Business Registers Agency (filling in the registration application, support the charter, verification of the IP form, Opening an account)

The formation of a branch of the company

The formation of a representative office of a foreign company

Changing the legal form of the company

The preparation required, applications and other letters in conjunction with:

Obtaining certificates, licenses, permits, approvals and other documents necessary for the commencement of the undertaking

Changes to the legal information business entities (business name, location, industry, information representation, scope and type of representation and data on assets and equity)

Preparation, scheduling and maintenance of the Shareholders Assembly and other organs of the company

Services of legal counseling and representation in all proceedings before courts and other state bodies, administrative organizations entrusted with public authority

Services of legal counseling and representation in proceedings debt collection

Services of legal counseling and representation in the field of labor law:

Preparation of general acts (rules, of the systematization and organization of jobs, Rules of Disciplinary Procedure Code of Ethics, the Rules governing the use of the property of the employer by the employee)

Making All individual legal acts (contracts of employment; Solutions, warning, Warning, Instruction, Official Notes ..)

Making that choices regarding the labor law

Cooperation with the competent institutions in connection with labor relations

Drafting procedures in accordance with the standards

Conducting the necessary acts


National funds

CASPEV gives its members information on domestic sources of financing to members of the CASPEV. Also provides information on financial and non-financial support is intended for companies for professional rehabilitation and small and medium-sized enterprises in general, assisting in the preparation of documentation for applications for domestic sources of financing, mediating in communication with local donors to resources at the national level for members.

domaci izvori finansiranja

International funds

madjunarodni izvori finansiranja

Providing information about international financial sources of funding and non-financial support, Search international sources of funding in accordance with the needs of members of the CASPEV, assistance in the preparation of projects for international donors, support in communication with international donors, aid in the preparation of reports for international donors.

Support on the national and internaional markets

Providing information about national and international events, business meetings and trade fairs, which are interesting for the members of the CASPEV, members of the KASPEV promotion at events in which KASPEV participate, support and promotion of products from the members of the KASPEV within different business networks in which KASPEV on.

pomoc u internacionalizaciji

Advocacy in govermant institutions

zastupanje pred vladinim i nevladinim sektorom

CASPEV Advocacy members' interests before government institutions and lobbying in the interests of its members in order to obtain better conditions for their members.