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logo kaspev
KASPEV - Klaster socijalnog preduzetništva Vojvodine
CASPEV -The Custer of social entrepreneurship in Vojvodina


Here you can find a products and services that offer our members:


Footwear’s which we produced are created from the high quality material with respect all standards in the footwear industry.

We are proud on the wide pallet of products and our the best satisfaction is a lot of clients that we have.

We offer the next production programs:

  • Work safety footwear with respect of European standards for all industrial branch and services
  • Work safety shoes – tall and small, with and without steel part
  • On ground boots
  • Hunter boots
  • Fashion footwear
  • Sewing parts of shoes

Our member’s employment people with disabilities but have the best quality of products, meet the deadlines and have a competitive price of the products.

You can download a catalog of product from our members:

 GEPARD-VIS ltd Novi Sad



Work cloths for all industrial branch, services branch and medical and catering industry staff.

Our members offer:

  • Work uniforms for employees on ground;
  • Work uniforms for employees in police, military and customs;
  • Different types of Scissors for uniforms;
  • Bed linen and table linen;
  • Different types of flags;
  • Services of embroidery fabric with demand of clients;
  • Fashion confection.

Our members follow all the needs of your clothes and they offer a printing service on the clothes.


Cloths which our members produced is from the appropriate materials, follow the modern trends and respect of demand of clients.

Work safety cloths

Program for employees on ground:


Program for:

  • Work cloths;
  • Work pants;
  • Work overalls;
  • Work vests;
  • Work overcoats.


Program for catering industry


Cloths for:

  • Chef;
  • Additional staff


Program for health care:


Cloths for medical staff.


Fashion cloths


Our members offer fashion cloths for men.

Bed linen


This is for equipping catering and touristic objects. Products are made from the ecological materials with respect of clients demand.

Our members offer:

  • sheets,
  • tablecloths,
  • Kitchen towels.

Other products


Our members produce flags of different size.

You can download a catalog of product from our members:

Printed and Cardboard

Printing services, graphic design and prepare for printing are the some of the activities of our members. Modern technical and technology condition of work, quality of final products on the best way present our members.


Our members offer a wide pallet of products and services:

  • Creating icons on canvas or board;
  • Screen printing on fabric, plastic, metal, or your advertising material,
  • Digital printing on all types of paper, cardboard and textiles,
  • SOLVE printing on PVC foil, meat, tarp,
  • Flags all types and purposes,
  • Bookbinding dressing,
  • Production of boxes and bags,
  • Production of toilet paper and paper towels from the three-layered 100% cellulose paper,
  • Creating a canvas, biodegradable bags of raw canvas,
  • Production of all types of boards and traffic signs,
  • The production of items such as books, monographs, calendars, brochures, magazines, notepads, envelopes, letterheads, continuous forms, flyers, posters, labels, binders, folders, maps etc.

You can download a catalog of product from our members:

Metal and Wood

Our members offer a complete design of enterer from idea to realization. They produce wood furniture for office, counter hall, conference room, bank and other business space.

Our members offer a wide pallet of products:

Products of Metal:

  • external and internal fences and handrails,
  • benches, stools, tables and chairs for home,
  • trash cans,
  • wardrobes, archive shelves, masts,
  • Hydrants, gas cabinets, cabinets for first aid, mailboxes.

Product of Wood

  • Project, implementation and montage according to customer requirements
  • Complete curriculum, chairs, benches, chairs, cabinets and display cases, computer tables, easels,
  • Design, manufacture and installation of furniture for hospitals, health centers and laboratories.

You can download a catalog of product from our members:

Finishing works in construction

Our members offer finishing works in construction according to customer requirements

  • painting works,
  • decking,
  • Dressing the walls and other services.