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KASPEV - Klaster socijalnog preduzetništva Vojvodine
CASPEV -The Custer of social entrepreneurship in Vojvodina

 Objectives and Tasks

 Determine what are the common interests of our members, how to maintain them, as well as how they correspond to specific social needs

 Establishing uniform informational system aimed to inform our members about issues of interest for social entrepreneurship in general

 Rrepresenting the CASPEV and its members interests in front of state, business and other organizations

 Inclusion of people with disabilities in working environment

 Representing the interests, and providing advisory and expert help to the members in acquiring the assets needed to carry out the development projects from various sources of finance, domestic and foreign.(EU funds, World Bank, EBRD, EIB, the Ministries, The Secretariats of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Funds, Development agencies, Programs on national and level of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina etc.)

 Develop consciousness of social responsiblity and promote the code of business ethics

 Take and stimulate development of social entrepreneurship in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, making use of international experience and today’s knowledge to achieve that goal

 Cooperates with organizations and associations dealing with the social entrepreneurship in state, regional countries, European and global associations and organizations;

 Keep the track with the legal regulative and apply the current ones, estimates the current status and notes potential issues concerning the social entrepreneurship in Serbia, making proposals for corrective measures to authorities in that field

 Work on improvement of social entrepreneurship, introducing and implementing of contemporary achievements and experiences in this area

 Represent and protect the interests of the members in front of state authorities business and other organizations abroad and domestic

 Work on establishing standards and rules as well as their implementation in domain of Ecology

 Work on better informing the general public of organization, undertaken marketing activities as well as advertise-publishing and informational activity in this area;

 Develop and nurture mutual connections between members and other participants in field of social entrepreneurship

 Organize trainings of representatives from the members and other trough seminars, workshops, Study Travels, special trainings in cooperation with research and educational institutions with purpose of education and professional development of the representatives and others, together with other methods of professional development

 Promote the need and importance of employing and engaging of people with disability as well as other endangered groups(Roma, single mothers, senior citizens)

 Establish or participate in the establishment of supportive organizations for social entrepreneurship.