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KASPEV - Klaster socijalnog preduzetništva Vojvodine
CASPEV -The Custer of social entrepreneurship in Vojvodina

What is a Cluster organization, Why you should be a member of the CASPEV?


Clusters represents geographic concentration mutually connected business entities, with similar or different business activities, specialized suppliers, service providers and supporting organizations connected with them, especially educational and scientific and research institutions

The Clusters have the purpose of horizontal and vertical consolidation of various subjects of supply, products and services with aim to increase the added value of their common product. European commission introduced the term of innovational clusters, which have been defined as group of innovative, newly founded, all-size enterprises, research organization working in specific sector and region, established with the intent to stimulate innovational activity through promotion of the intensive transfer of knowledge and expertise which contribute to technological transfer, networking and spreading the information between members.


Membership in cluster brings the number of benefits, among others:

•Lower business costs (The supply of raw materials, equipment, spare parts etc. is centralized for cluster as a whole, which automatically grants lower prices and cheaper transport due to bigger quantity of goods, consequently lowering the stock also, building thither connections with suppliers and providing centralizes logistic services to members if needed(Accounting, consultant services, marketing and similar). In this way the CASPEV greatly decreases expenses to it’s members.

• Lower development costs for new products and services (for example: group of enterprises outlines and develop new tools, needed for another group or individual, which are the member(s) of the cluster dealing with the manufacturing process devepopment , while the third group is doing the distribution of the product and auxiliary activities(design, packaging, distribution channels).

• Technology diversification (exchange of technical and technological knowledge and information),

• Take your business international and make new business contacts,

• Ability to carry out large-scale investment and development project in region (any development project at regional level can be carried out easier if group of enterprises is involved) ,

•Getting access to funds (cluster projects have preference if financed from multiple funds,

• More affordable crediting (Cluster can get more favorable contract terms than the individual clients ).

• Increasing number of staff,or create new staff vacancies(new unfilled job)

• Greater diversity of processes, products and job types.