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KASPEV - Klaster socijalnog preduzetništva Vojvodine
CASPEV -The Custer of social entrepreneurship in Vojvodina

Alma Mons

alma mons

City: Novi Sad
Address: Svetosavska 3a
Mobile phone: 021/ 427-822
E mail:

Regional Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Alma Mons Novi Sad was established in 2001 and in the period from inception to date was the initiator and a participant of numerous regional projects, which are aimed at improving the business spirit and Strengthening the entrepreneurial sector, but it is point contact and support for entrepreneurs in the region and the environment. The agency has so far implemented projects funded by different institutions, funds and programs of which the most important are: the European Agency for Reconstruction Program Interreg III A Adriatic, cross-border cooperation Hungary-SCG CBC Croatia - Serbia, Bilateral Cooperation Italy - Serbia, exchange 3 IPA Adriatic program 2007 - 2013.

Alma Mons main activity consists in organizing a wide range of direct support services to SMEs in all business areas, as well as future entrepreneurs in order to facilitate inclusion in the formal economic flows, by providing: information, consultation, training (small and medium enterprises, the start-up, Vulnerable social groups), training for future entrepreneurs, thematic training, mentoring, business planning, writing project applications and implementation.